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Dr. Steven Ellis joined Excel Eyecare since March 2012. Dr Ellis is a very caring and experienced eye doctor. He got his Optometry Degree from the famous Southern California College of Optometry (SCCO) and has worked in 4 optometry clinics before joining Excel Eyecare.
Dr. Steven Ellis 從2012年3月開始加入在明眸眼科診所. Dr Ellis 待人非常熱情, 經驗很豐富, 他擁有著名的南加州眼科大學視學博士學位, 在加入明眸眼科之前,曾經在另外4家眼科診所工作過.

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The Corneal Topographer above measures and creates a map of the cornea's curvature as well as any irregularities. It is very important for CRT and other contact lens fitting and corneal disease management. For CRT patients it helps us precisely prescribe the right lens and monitor the change of corneal during the treatment.
角膜外形掃描儀測量並繪製角膜的三維形狀, 對精確地配置CRT和各種隱形眼鏡, 以及治療角膜疾病有重要作用. 比如對CRT病人, 它不僅可以幫助我們配置最合適的CRT鏡片, 而且讓我們在治療的過程當中精確地跟蹤角膜形狀的變化.

The Humphrey Visual Field Exam Instrument above is an important device for reliably detecting serious diseases such as brain tumor, glaucoma and retinal detachment.
Humphrey視野測樣計對精確可靠地檢查腦瘤, 青光眼, 視网膜脫落等嚴重疾病非常重要.  

Non-mydriatic Retinal Camera is extremely useful for detecting and diagnosing glaucoma, retinal detachment, retinal tear, retinal holes, diabetic retinopathy, hypertensive retinopathy, macula degeneration, macula holes, precursor of macula degeneration (drusens), retinal nevus and so on. It also can take pictures for the front part of your eyes, and measure the progress of pterygim, cornea scars and so on. By comparing the images taken every year, we can monitor the progress of eye conditions and to detect and diagnose eye diseases in their early stages.

免散瞳視网膜相机可以在被檢查者不需要散瞳的情況下,  對整個眼睛底部攝影, 得到一個清晰完整的視網膜圖像,通過檢查這個圖像, 很容易發現和診斷多种疾病:青光眼,視网膜脫落,視网膜破損,糖尿病視网膜病變,高血壓視网膜病變,早期黃斑退化,黃斑病變, 黃斑洞,視网膜痣等等。視网膜相机還可以對眼睛的前面部分攝影,測量翼狀胬肉, 角膜痂痕等。通過比較被檢查者每年所拍的照片,可以更加精确地診斷和跟蹤這些疾病。

Dr. Gan is experienced in treating patients of all ages. One of her specialties is pediatric optometry, and all the instruments are kids-friendly, which makes the exam more comfortable for kids and hence better treatment for them.
甘愛東醫生对不同年纪的病人都有丰富的经验. 时她的專長之一是兒童眼科, 在設計上她所有的儀器都是兼顧成人和兒童的, 這樣在檢查兒童時, 他們不僅感到舒服, 同時檢查結果也更加可靠.


The CV-5000S Automated Phoropter sets new quality standards. The fast lens rotation provides comfort for both user and patient. It provides a complete 21-point refraction and features the One Dial Controller with a 10.4 color touch-screen display. Automated operation and recording makes the refraction exam more efficient and more accurate.

Dr. Gan is fitting her patient with FDA-approved CRT lens.

We have a variety of high-quality, name brand frames and sunglasses for your choice.


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